My name is Petey Peace.  I live with Gabriella.  I have long visits with Alex, Cam, Jackson, Jalen and Zara and sometimes live with them when Gabriella is out of town.  They are my best friends.  I love them and they love me.

Do you know what PEACE is?  It means to be free from conflict.  It can also mean to be calm, quiet and in harmony.  Harmony is to be in agreement and understanding.  When you feel peace and joy inside, you can share it with others.  That person is called a Peacemaker.  They encourage peace and bring people together.  When there is a conflict, a Peacemaker says, “Let’s talk about it” and “Let’s not fight. We can work things out by Speaking in Green”.


Do you know another Peacemaker?


YOU are a Peacemaker!


Always Speak in Green!