Alexandra, Cam, Gabriella, Jackson, Jalen, and Zara are students at I.M. Peace School.  Gabriella's best friend and dog, Petey Peace waits for them every day.  He's not simply a dog, he's a Peacemaker.  Today, there are frowns, scowls and a confrontation that leads them to use dreadful Red Words.  How will they solve their conflict?  It's five against one.  Is that fair?  Will they learn they have much more in common than they realize?  Can Miss Emma and Petey Peace help the beloved students by reminding them to use their constructive Green Words?  Will they learn the importance of mediation?


Just as a traffic light directs us, so do words.  Green Words make conversations GORed Words sometimes cause conversations to immediately STOP.  To P.A.W.S. in Yellow means to pause between Red and Green Words.  Finally, Jackson and Gabriella take deep breaths, stop, think and decide they have the power to help themselves and others to roll into peace.  Rolling into Peace, the first in the Speaking in Green series of children's books is filled with lessons of understanding, forgiveness, and empowerment. Messages in diversity and respect for others blanket each and every page.  A Picture Dictionary of vocabulary words, worksheets to practice Green and Red Words, and a certificate from Petey Peace round out this inspiring story and workbook.  Rolling into Peace is a children's book with a reminder that to have peace, we must all Speak in Green.

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